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05.27.11 12:57 am - ♗ A walking Pokecenter?
Trying to read a note somebody wrote

Honestly, do these people not know to look after themselves? I head out to the fields to relax and get away from the madness and keep finding some random player or another unconscious in the middle of the fields. Thank goodness for Rip Maen spells. I don't think I could carry that many back to the warp gates...

Or if I could purchase that many Return Feathers.

A word to the wise; you really shouldn't tackle monsters that are higher level than you unless you know what you're doing. As an apprentice Bishop, it is a responsibility of mine to look out for people as best as I can but I can't be everywhere at once. Take care of yourselves better.

05.26.11 09:35 pm - 4th ⁂ Got lost himself

I guess this is the price I pay for not properly preparing myself. Who would've thought that Fairy Orbs would be that important. On that note, why does it always have to be the randomly generated dungeons with warps? How embarrassing...

... Is it me or does this network seem a bit lonely? Have more people left again?

Yo, Albel, you still hanging around?
05.09.11 07:25 pm - ⦅ thirteen | video ⦆
❀ meet me beneath the cherry tree
[When the feed comes on, Amaterasu is standing there, holding it at a slightly awkward angle. If the scenery around her is anything to go by, she's in Dol Dona. The sound of people warping in and out an extra clue as to just which area of it she's at.

After a long, few minutes of silence she sighs and looks down to the Relic.]

So, in the end, I return to this place.

[She smiles, though it seems just a little strained.]

I will be able to finish this quest, at least.
05.08.11 03:55 pm - 0 3 - [A u d i o]
The prince's hands are getting dirty.

[ There was a short pause, and some sort of ruffling sound following after, probably him wiping his hands off on something.]

Ushishishishi, this seems rather pointless, mm'?
... Right.
... Okay, maybe I need to get out more, but y'know... I've never seen flowers like these before.

[There's a long pause.]

That's the last one for this place then. Onto the next one...
05.07.11 11:25 pm - ♗ A bit of a mama's boy
Wise man looking in a blade of grass

Two flowers down... I must say that this event is rather endearing. Nothing quite says 'love' like giving flowers. Though I will have to confess that the flowers back at the Church were much more elegant than these... Alas.


[after collecting flowers from two of the Lost Grounds, Hakuren's decided to hang around the Dol Dona Chaos Gate to offer his help to anyone else who wants to go flower hunting. There... isn't any particular need to since there are no monsters within the Lost Grounds. Perhaps he's trying to stop any potential PKs from happening?]

[or maybe he's just being a space case like he usually is. Stop chatting with random NPCs and get back to work, Hakuren!!]
05.08.11 12:57 am - 001 -> [Video]
[When the feed turns on, all that can really be seen at first is... an up-close view of someone's hand covering the camera. There's a muffled "oops!"  and the camera pulls back and whirls around, bringing a blond into view with Mac Anu in the background.]

Ah, so that's how this thing works!

Anyway... Um, hey! I've... pretty much just gotten here, so would anyone like to answer a few questions I've got? I'd really, really appreciate it! Thanks!
05.07.11 10:04 pm - SUBJECT; Hidden Forbidden...
> Hey Hey Listen! They Opened Up The Lost Grounds 4 The New Event. Ttly Decked It Out Too. ;9

> What's with all that flower-y stuff neways? :\ PS: Those NPCs are creepy, someone needs 2 punch the GMs for that.

> fetch quest ftw!

> U just hav 2 collect flowers from all de gounds rite? 2 easy

> Just put in the Hidden Forbidden as the first keywords and the last one will select itself, right?

[There's a list of known Lost Grounds later in the thread...]

Δ Hidden Forbidden Radiation - Arche Koeln Waterfall
Δ Hidden Forbidden Bulwark - Morrigu Barrow Wall
Δ Hidden Forbidden Dead Wood - Dead World of Indieglut Lugh
Θ Hidden Forbidden Battlefield - Coite-Bodher Battlefield
Θ Hidden Forbidden Virgin Peaks - Six Ringing Peaks of Al Fadel

[a couple of NPCs can be found at the main gate leading into Dol Dona; a Father and a Child at his side. The child will ask you to help her collect some flowers for "Mother". Once enough bouquets have been collected, the players will be judged and the grand prize (a rare armor that decreases physical damage) handed to the person with the best bouquet. Don't worry, there's consolation prizes for everyone for participated 8) ]

[ooc: the only requirement for this quest completion is a post that has the character being involved in the quest. Threads with at least 5 comments will also qualify and the grand prize will be determined by dice roll. Your mods are once again sorry for the delay in starting the quest m(___)m ]
04.28.11 11:26 am - 0 2 - [Action in Mac Anu.]
Standing alongside one of the buildings, Belphegor raised up the small relic, fingers pressing over a few of the buttons repeatedly, muttering quiet curses under his breath when nothing seemed to be successful. Maybe he should have tried a bit harder to level up this month, instead of slacking off like normal.

"Mm', if the prince doesn't get his knives back soon, perhaps I should go shove one of these into someone until I get them." -but he doesn't seem to be talking to anyone in particular, attention still focused down on the relic, making it hard to even tell what he meant by "one of these". Though, he probably means the two blades hooked onto the sides of his belt.
04.17.11 11:27 pm - ♔ 05 (voice)
...Feels like I just got hit with a truck. [That's not funny, Genda.]

How long have I been out? Sorry if I missed anybody. Anything interesting happen while I was, uh... comatose or whatever?

It was the weirdest thing...
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