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HOLY RELIC: a panfandom MMO rpg
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HOLY RELIC: a panfandom steampunk MMO RPG
Awake now? Glad to hear it! You've been deposited next to a large glowing ring, and you're surrounded by others that seem just as confused as you are. Fear not, new Players, you've just been dumped into a steampunk jamjar RPG! You have woken up next to the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu, the Root Town of this server. Upon examining the gate, perhaps thinking you can go back the way you came, something in your pocket begins beeping. Maybe it's something you'll recognize, or maybe it's too advanced for your home world. A menu is shown on the screen of your Relic, and there's three columns of random words that can be combined and show an image of some field or dungeon, along with weather conditions and the area's element.

There's others milling around, different outfits, different classes, different weapons. The look as they glance over at you gives you the impression that they were in your shoes not too long ago. Some of them might look nicer, and will be willing to help you. Some of them you'd better stay away from. Some may want nothing more than to take a nice bite out of you and reduce you to nothing but a corpse! But it's all right, death isn't permanent inside of a game.

Without further ado, welcome to The World!
Welcome to holyrelic, a panfandom jamjar RPG where your characters are stuck in a steampunk MMO setting-- but don't worry if you don't know the game series that Holy Relic is modeled after! Just think of it like any MMO you've played. There's a few things your character may want to learn, after they've realized this isn't just some weird dream.

If they examine their Relic, they'll be able to access a number of things, including their inventory. Their old clothes are in there, as are any weapons they may have had possession of before. Try as they might, it won't fork them over. They aren't "lvl 20", whatever that means.

Question the other characters all you'd like-- unfortunately, if they aren't like your character and they aren't mods, they're NPCs with a set amount of responses. But where will your character stay? Where will they sleep and eat? All important questions, and all the more reason to ask for some help and make some friends! Surely there's someone out there who will help them, right?

✖ ONE: extended info & faq
✖ TWO: rules
✖ THREE: taken characters
✖ FOUR: navigation


✖ FIVE: your relic: a guide
✖ SIX: applications
✖ SEVEN: list of guilds
✖ EIGHT: event calendar


✖ NINE: locations
✖ TEN: pking/level tracking post
✖ ELEVEN: complaints
✖ TWELVE: drop post


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